Cai England

Cai is our Business School intern and all round nice guy. He has a cheerful personality and always keeps us on our toes with his fitness tips!

Interesting past experiences

During his GCSE’s, Cai set up a mini business on YouTube selling graphic images and logos. A strong interest in accounting then arose whilst studying Maths and Business Studies as part of his A-levels and GCSEs. During University holidays, Cai has worked for a team building event management company helping to set up and assist on events. The experience he has gained from working the company has enabled him to thrive under pressure and boosted his confidence speaking in a professional capacity.

Cai and Inspira

Cai joined the Inspira team in July 16 as part of his placement year at the University of Kent, where he is studying for a BA degree in Accounting and Finance. He utilities his communication skills to build relationships with Inspira’s clients to offer a great service. He wears his heart on his sleeve and takes pride in all the projects he’s involved with.


Born and raised in South Wales, Cai appeared on the BBC TV show ‘Escape from Scorpion Island’. He was 1 of 15 selected from over 5000 applicants for the show and is still to this day one of his greatest achievements. With his family, he summited the highest mountain in Indochina at the age of 12, Mt. Fansipan, a mountain 3 times the size of Snowdon. Cai being a gym fanatic often spends his evenings working out at the gym.