DShivam Vasisht

Interesting past experiences

Born and raised in Thika, Kenya Shivam’s strong interest in accounting arose when he shadowed financial advisors in a newly established business. He observed how these experts would analyse budgets and determine future investment strategies. An elevated desire to gain further knowledge in the finance world, Shivam undertook several accounting internships in Africa and the UK. Not only did this highlight vast differences in the work environments between these accounting firms, but also gave him the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Along with the confidence of technical abilities, these experiences have boosted his interpersonal skills which he looks to develop further in Inspira.

Shivam and Inspira

Shivam joined Inspira in July 2017 as part of his placement year at the University of Kent, where he is studying for a BA degree in Accounting and Management. Inspira’s pride in terms of relations and team spirit match his own hence takes pride in being a part of this team.


Passionate about mountaineering, Shivam recently managed to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which he considers one of his greatest achievements. During his GCSEs he attended a charity conference in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by this he has consistently engaged in volunteering activities around the world. Being a keen traveller, he always looks to immerse himself in new environments and loves learning about new cultures. As a sport fanatic, Shivam strives to maintain a work-life balance by regularly playing hockey for the local club.