Sharon Willmott

Sharon Willmott

Sharon is part of our finance team and gained her experience with numbers in a variety of industries.

Interesting past experiences

Sharon has spent all her career working with numbers and along the way gained her AAT accountancy qualification. She has gained her vast knowledge in a variety of businesses from IT, Soft Furnishings and Design, Retail, Textile Care and a host of other industries. At 23 she was part of a management buy-out in the foam industry and returned there 20 years later as a freelance finance consultant, quite literally to the same desk.

Sharon and Inspira

Sharon joined Inspira in June 2014 as a Client Manager and loves the variety of clients she assists including a Bakery Business, Corporate Video, Website Design, Creative Consultancy, Therapy Equipment and IT Traffic Management systems amongst others.


Sharon is married with two children and lives just round the corner from Inspira and even with her busy schedule she still enjoys finding time to do her friends nails in the evenings. You could say Sharon has combined her creative skills as a hairdresser, nail technician and accountant to ‘work the numbers, cut the costs and polish the books’?