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May 26, 2011

Runners, Repeaters and Strangers

Understanding the key operational processes that you undertake in your business can help you to adapt these processes to drive efficiencies.

On the current Better Business Programme run by Your Business Your Future in partnership with CASS Business School particpants have been learning about the concept of Runners, Repeaters and Strangers to help them drive efficencies in their own business.

• Runners are standard processes carried out very frequently – excellent for efficiency and consistency.
• Repeaters are standard processes which are used less frequently – they are usually less efficient than runners.
• Strangers are new, very customised or very rare processes to be used only when you must or when you are charging high prices.

Understanding how well your core processes handle variety, and therefore are cost-efficient processes which enable you to pass cost savings onto your customers, is a good way in the current economic climate that your business can differentiate.

Similarly, it’s easy to get very distracted by processes that are Strangers to your business, as they may appear on the surface to be bigger projects with more return, but if you are having to spend time developing the systmes and processes to deliver the service your margins will get eroded.

Arguably, by focusing on driving financial and operational efficiency through all your processes, it is more likely that you will make more money from operational processes, that you can turn into Runners.

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