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April 26, 2011

Working your network

Social media is an increasingly popular way to spread the word and win business for small businesses

According to a survey, 62 per cent of small to medium enterprises report that they use social networking in everyday business.

CRM vendor Really Simple Systems Source researched 862 businesses and found that social media is a well-established way of finding new business and staying in touch with existing customers.

However, using social media to develop and grow your business is like any form of self-promotion and should be approached with a certain degree of consideration and monitored accordingly. Large companies that use social media now have dedicated departments and full-time staff to manage their networking, while the role of social media is often a key part of their overall business plan.

If you’re just starting out, there’s three key sites it’s good to be involved with:

• LinkedIn:  This is the most business-orientated site, which links you with people you might either know, or that it might be beneficial for you to be in contact with based on your employment profile. They suggest people you might know, or want to know, from your previous and current employment, your specific role (ie marketing, administration, IT), as well as people from the same industry. It’s especially useful when recruiting, as well as building a strong network across your industry.

• Twitter: This has become rather a byword for celebrity now, but used wisely can be an excellent networking tool for small businesses. A Twitter account is simple to start and simple to run, you ‘follow’ people or businesses with similar interests, and they in turn follow you, creating a network. Businesses then ‘tweet’ (a short sentence, 140 characters) about promotions they’re running, helpful advice for their followers, commenting on relevant local or national news and events, suggesting interesting links or replying to the tweets of others. While it might seem a little complex, with a little time spent practicing Twitter can become a vital tool in quickly and easily spreading the word about your business. Information about using Twitter for business.

• Facebook:  Arguably the most famous social networking site in the world, this can be used in a different way to Twitter, but using your personal or business account to create groups and pages that members of Facebook then follow and share with their friends. It works especially well at a local level, allowing people to recommend businesses they like, or comment on good service or experiences they’ve had. Information about using Facebook for business.

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