Gemma Frenchman

Gemma works in the business and marketing team at Inspira, carrying out strategic business reviews and designing marketing plans for Inspira’s clients, as well as working on Inspira’s own marketing activity.

Interesting past experiences

In 2005, Gemma became General Manager of the UK’s leading centre for preventive medicine, opening the business and running it successfully for nearly 7 years. She has a particular interest in owner-managed businesses, having run a small business for a group of shareholders.

Gemma’s expertise in business management, together with her marketing skills, gives her the ability to apply herself to a variety of business projects, with a particular focus on strategic marketing.

Gemma and Inspira

Gemma joined the Inspira team in 2012 to lead on Inspira’s ‘Your Brand’ service, which supports businesses to develop strategic marketing plans and offers operational marketing support to Inspira’s clients. More recently, Gemma has worked with Sue to deliver strategic business reviews for Inspira’s clients, helping to create more operationally sound organisations.  Energetic, ambitious and creative, Gemma uses her personality as well as her commercial experience to develop inspiring and relevant business and marketing plans.


Gemma has always loved to travel and lived in Mexico for 8 months whilst studying Spanish. Amongst her favourite travelling memories are skydiving in New Zealand and jungle trekking in Northern Thailand. Gemma also has a love for books and is member of a literary club. Gemma lives with her husband and two young children in North London.